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by mac brock

Kat is in a tough spot. Rumour has it she's responsible for a tragedy that rocked her school community, so she's hunting for a way out. Molly has her finger on the pulse of every social circle and might be the one thing between Kat and the truth. Dry follows the story of two very different students, a school struck by controversy, and the funny and tense times of teenagers in revolt.

Recommended age: 14+.

Content warnings: Self-harm, violence, coarse language.

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Dry was written for the Regina Fringe Festival in July 2017. It was performed by Katie Abramovic (Molly) and Alixx Davidson (Kat) with music curation from Cole Nicolson.


"[Dry is] an important contribution to the Canadian theatrical landscape. 
-CBC Arts Picks of the Fringe

CTV News interview with cast.

CBC Radio interview with Mac Brock.

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