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boy trouble

May 16-27, 2023

"It’s impressive for both its sharp, funny writing and for the solo performance by Max Hanic, a young actor to keep your eye on."

-Liz Nicholls,

Based on the characters and story of the 2019 Fringe hit, Boy Trouble is back featuring an entirely new production.

Kay and Anthony have a lot in common. As two of the only gay kids in their town, their paths cross over years of birthday parties, summer nights, casual encounters - but some things only stay on the DL for so long. Boy Trouble is a cutting, physical, and playful interrogation of toxic masculinity and casual sex in the Grindr age.


"We need these stories ...  Message received."


You write a message that you’ll never send. You connect to a stranger in the crowd. You finally get that off your chest. Tracks is an immersive tour through the things we said, wish we’d said, and wonder if we’ll ever give ourselves a chance to say. You choose every step of how you take in this story of self destruction and reconstruction.


"[Dry is] an important contribution to the Canadian theatrical landscape."

-CBC Arts

Kat is in a tough spot. Rumour has it she's responsible for a tragedy that rocked her school community, so she's hunting for a way out. Molly has her finger on the pulse of every social circle and might be the one thing between Kat and the truth. Dry follows the story of two very different students, a school struck by controversy, and the funny and tense times of teenagers in revolt.

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